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What does Duplicate Check do?


Find duplicates

Duplicate records can appear in  your Lead, Contact and Account object or in any of your own custom Objects. With Duplicate Check installed, you are able to find duplicates in all Objects. In addition, Duplicate Check is able to find and match together records that contain spelling errors or typos.


Duplicate prevention

Once your Salesforce is clean, you don't want duplicates to return. Duplicate Check alerts your users in real-time when a record is being created that already exists. We can prevent every duplicate record from coming in - no matter what way a record enters your Salesforce.


Clean your Salesforce

Duplicate Check allows you to merge duplicate records quickly, either manually or automatically. It is even possible to schedule your deduplication process - from finding duplicates to merging them, without any user interaction.



Make it easier for everybody in your organization to work with Duplicate Check and integrate Duplicate Check's wide variety of functionalities in your own customizations by using our Apex API and plugins.



Since every Salesforce database is unique, you need an application that can adapt. Duplicate Check can be configured to work with any database - create your personal strategy on how to identify duplicate records, or use our standard configuration.


When records automatically enter Salesforce via an integration such as web to lead or a synchronised marketing tool, Salesforce can get filled with duplicates without realising it. Use Duplicate Check's Direct Processing tool, to automatically merge incoming duplicate records without any user interaction.

Duplicate Check Local

When using Duplicate Check Local, the speed of processing a Duplicate Check Job does no longer depend on the speed of Salesforce, but on the speed of your own device. As a result, you can have your duplicate results in larger jobs much quicker.

What makes Duplicate Check unique

Highly customizable

We believe that everyone in an organization is responsible for a clean Salesforce. Therefore, we have many different features which are all easy to use.

Safe and secure

Duplicate Check is a 100% native force.com application. This means no data transfer is needed in order to find and remove duplicates. Your data never leaves your database!



Duplicates with spelling errors, or purposely changed by users, are found with our Fuzzy algorithms. Keeping your organization clean, duplicate- and fraud free.


Duplicate Check can be set to work completely automated. Configure your scheduled batch once, sit back and let Duplicate Check do the trick.


To make sure Duplicate Check is clear for everybody, there is an extensive knowledge base available. In need of more help? Our support team is ready to help.

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