Salesforce Duplicate Management Alternative

Compare Salesforce Duplicate Management vs. Duplicate Check for Salesforce



Choosing a deduplication solution for Salesforce is a critical decision in striving for a 360-customer view and a seamless customer experience. This page will help you understand the differences between the integrated Salesforce Duplicate Management and Duplicate Check for Salesforce.


Duplicate Check for Salesforce

Duplicate Check for Salesforce is an all-in-one solution for both the prevention and cleaning of duplicates. Duplicate Check offers manual, batch, and fully automated options to process duplicates.


As a 100% native solution, all your data stays in your Salesforce environment. Being native makes for an easy learning curve and fast adoption.


Salesforce Duplicate Management

Duplicate Management is a built in feature of Salesforce. It offers Duplicate finding and merging of duplicates one at a time for all editions and batch cleaning for Performance and Unlimited editions only.

It offers basic functionality for small and medium businesses but lacks in automation, customization and processing or large data volumes.


Why consider Duplicate Check over Salesforce Duplicate Management?

Save time by automating

Your website and marketing automation is always on. Duplicate Check offers you fully automated processing of duplicates. You set all the rules and no data gets lost. Salesforce Duplicate Management does not offer automation.

Don't lose valuable data

Salesforce Duplicate Management blocks new records from being created if they are matched as a duplicate. This way you will lose any information associated with the new entry, but not yet saved on the existing record. Duplicate Check does not block, but merges the newly created duplicate instead.

Great for Large Data Volumes

Salesforce Duplicate Management can fail when working with large data volumes. Duplicate Check is proven to work with millions of records and still return results fast.


Overall Functionality

Features: Salesforce DuplicateCheck
Cleaning & Prevention Cleaning & Prevention
Stays within Salesforce Stays within Salesforce
SF: Lightning & Classic SF: Lightning & Classic
Included in SF license Based on records
Portal Mail & FAQ
Non-profit discount
Large Data Volumes


Matching is the foundation of any deduplication app. To merge, block or delete duplicates you first need to find them.

Features: Salesforce DuplicateCheck
Leads, Contacts, Accounts
Other SF objects
Cross object
Custom objects
No merging possible
Multiple matching methods
8 20+

Cleaning Functionality

When you start working to clean data, your database is probably full with duplicates. A thorough cleanup is always necessary. Duplicate Check differs from Salesforce Duplicate Management in offering really flexible merge options such as use shortest/longest, highest/lowest, first in picklist/last in picklist value. Merging can be tailored to your exact requirements using our API and Apex plugins.  

Features: Salesforce DuplicateCheck
Live alerts on possible duplicates
Manual merge
Max. 3 records Max. 15 records
Batch merge
Performance and Unlimited only
Merge rules
Basic Extensive
Flag False Positives
Automatic merge

Duplicate Prevention Functionality

A onetime cleanup will keep your database clean for only so long. it is also critical to prevent duplicates from entering the system. Salesforce will block duplicate records from being created, leading you to lose valuable data such as campaign and missing out on the opportunity to enrich the existing record with new information. Duplicate Check takes another approach. It will create the duplicate record and flag it for manual review or merge it automatically, depending on your settings.  

Features: Salesforce DuplicateCheck
On manual entry
In page layout
On Import
Blocks duplicates Merges or flags duplicates
On web to lead
Blocks duplicates Merges or flags duplicates
On API insert
Blocks duplicates Merges or flags duplicates


We at Duplicate Check believe that data quality is improved the most when the whole organization is involved. That’s why the pricing is based on the number of records and on features.

Our unlimited user model ensures all your users contribute to the quality of your data. Duplicate Check pricing works like this:
  • Find the largest object you would like to deduplicate and note the number of records within this object.
  • To check the licensing costs, enter this amount on the Duplicate Check pricing page.

Duplicate Check pricing starts at 99 USD per year.

Salesforce Duplicate Management pricing is included in all Salesforce editions. Batch processing is only available in Performance and Unlimited editions.

See Duplicate Check in action