Find duplicates


Find Duplicates

Mass Deduplication - Our core business. Find all duplicates in your Salesforce database. Once the results are clear, start merging the records or use the auto merge to do so.
Duplicate Search - Duplicate Check adds a new Search feature to the Salesforce menu bar. Use the advanced search methods and be able to find records with spelling errors.
Leads, Contacts and Accounts - Leads, Contacts and Accounts are supported in all our editions. Find and merge duplicates in these objects.
Other Salesforce Objects - Find duplicates in all other Salesforce objects
Custom Objects - Every Salesforce is unique and many hold their own custom objects. Duplicate Check allows you to find duplicates in your own custom objects.
Standard Matching - Find duplicates based on exact comparison methods
Fuzzy Matching - Duplicate records can occur from spelling errors, typos or different formatting. The Fuzzy Matching feature finds these duplicates based on 'fuzzy' comparison methods.
Single Object - Find duplicate records in one single object. For example: All duplicate Leads.
Cross Object - Find duplicates between different objects. For example: when a user enters a new Lead that is already an Account, an alert will appear.
Duplicate Check Job Export - The results of the Batch Deduplication or Delta Processing can be exported to CSV files, which enables you to use any other tool to delete or update your records. Duplicate Check for Salesforce allows you to manage and monitor your duplicate results in different ways.
Find Duplicates with a Filter - Save runtime on your batch and set up a filter so only a subset of your Salesforce is being run.

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