Duplicate prevention

Prevent the creation of new duplications


Duplicate Prevention

The Duplicate Prevention feature assists your users in keeping your Salesforce Organization clean. When creating a duplicate Lead, Account or Contact, Duplicate Check will alert you in real time, using advanced matching methods. It shows if your new Lead might be an Account or Contact already, and vice versa.
Duplicate Prevention on Manual Entry - When a user creates or updates a record, Duplicate Check will search for duplicates. When found, the user is prohibited from saving the record.
DC Check in Page Layout - After installing, your lay-outs are extended with a button. Clicking this button will start a search for duplicates. When completed, the results are shown in a results list, allowing you to merge or convert the records.
Duplicate Check Entry - Prevent yourself from creating duplicate records across all Objects. DC Entry does a realtime duplicate check after every field you fill in.
Duplicate Check Live - When opening a record, you can instantly see if there are duplicate records for the record you are currently working in.


Unique Import - Match your imported data with your existing data to prevent duplicates. After an analysis, it allows you to merge records.

Web To Lead - Duplicates from Web To Lead functionalities of Salesforce often lead to duplicates. Our feature searches all incoming Leads for duplicates, showing the results in a report.


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