Clean your database



Keep your Salesforce organization clean.
Merge - Our merge feature gives you the flexibility your Salesforce organization needs. Merge up to three records at the same time.
Auto Merge - Start saving time. Instead of taking hours to manually merge duplicate records, use Auto Merge to merge duplicate records without any user intervention.
Multiple Merge - Merge up to 15 records at once and keep your records clean.
Set For Merge - You don't want everybody to have all rights in Salesforce. If there are users that don't have the correct rights to merge records, they can alert the administrator by pressing the Set for Merge button.
Convert - When converting your Leads to Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities, an online check for possible duplicates is done before you convert. This can also be done automatically using the Auto Convert.
Auto Convert - Save hours of manual labor with our Auto Convert feature. Leads that already exist as Contacts are automatically converted.
Scheduled Cleaning -Schedule a deduplication batch to run every day, week or month at your own prefered time, for instance at night, so you can have a report ready in the morning.
Advanced Discard - Flag false positive duplicates from your results list so they no longer show up as duplicates.

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