Duplicate Check Updates for Q2 2019

June 13, 2019
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You have more channels and more data than ever before. That's why we keep on improving our data quality apps. We have improved Duplicate Check to find more duplicates with new matching methods and make it faster in daily use. 

New matching methods

When eliminating duplicates, finding them is the first step. To improve the quality of your matches we have introduced six new matching methods! Phone number advanced and domain are our personal favorites.

Speed up!

Our DC Local desktop app allows you to process Duplicate Check jobs on your computer. This is much faster than processing in Salesforce.com. We have added two new features to DC Local:

  • Auto Processing: DC Local now will find any DC jobs in intervals of thirty seconds. Jobs that are queued for processing in DC Local will be processed automatically.
  • Create search indexes: Having a search index improves results and scoring of duplicate records. Especially when working with custom fields or fuzzy matching methods. However, creating a search index takes time. This time is greatly reduced by creating the search index with DC Local.
  • Merge: The merge dialog was a full page load, now we have placed the merge dialog in a modal. This modal loads much faster.
  • DC Entry: When you create a child record from an Account, the Account is now automatically linked. This removes a manual action from your workflow.

Finding duplicates in parent objects

Add the DC Live feature to any record page layout and receive an alert you when a duplicate record is detected for the record you are viewing. Since our update from April 5 2019, you can also configure the DC Live Lightning Component to detect duplicates in a parent record. For example, you can add a DC Live Lightning Component to the Case object layout to alert you on related duplicate contacts.

Focus on what matters when merging

With the new ‘Result Fields Only’ button (image) you narrow the shown fields on the merge page down to the fields you selected in the result fields tab (image) for that object. This will give you a more concise overview. For all fields you don’t show or choose a master record for, your selected merge rules will apply.

You find the result fields tab in DC Setup > object > RESULT FIELDS. Read our article on result fields for a step-by-step implementation guide.

Ruben’s Pro Tip

Do you want to save more time deduplicating your org? Check out our Direct Processing feature (available in premium) and merge duplicates without any manual intervention.

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