Duplicate Check for Salesforce

Find, prevent and merge duplicate records

100% native force.com application

No transfer of your customer data

Fuzzy Matching

Duplicates with spelling errors are found with our Fuzzy algorithms

Complete Deduplication

The multiple batch features allow you to clean up your existing duplicates


What does Duplicate Check do?

These are our most important solutions

Secure deduplication

How Duplicate Check helped Firma FX

Firma FX works with a Private sharing model which means that the records are only visible and accessible for the owner of the record. Other users are not able to find or see any records but their own.

What our users say

This resource has already eased several Admin headaches. Definitely a worthy download!
By Amy Young
CRM Administrator
These guys actually made me a better SF coder.[…] Many thanks to the team!
By Jesse Pakin
It saved us a ton of time, and the customer support is amazing!
By Amanda Lake
Director of Sales

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AppExchange popular app
< 2 hours
Average response time
Average database size

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26 October, 2016

These days, everything happens online. People email or send messages by phone. Companies advertise on websites and online communities and even prefer to ‘go viral’ instead of paying a lot of money to have a broadcasting window during a popular TV-show. Documentation of pretty much everything can be found online and the amount of companies that wrote a knowledge base for people to find answers to their questions increases every day. More and more people consult a knowledgebase, send an email to support or simple try to “Google” the answer.

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24 August, 2016